I have been in the games industry for over 22 years and have worked on a variety of AAA game titles as Lead Artist in many disciplines – Environment, Vehicles and General.   Recently I have acquired experience directing art, both with internal teams and managing outsource partners around the world. My career started back in 1994 when Criterion Software hired me as their first artist. The role there was to create stunning demos to show the RenderWare 3d engine off to its very best and to inspire game studios to use the product. Criterion Software quickly evolved into Criterion Games and released many titles, most notably the Burnout series of racing games.   After Criterion I worked at Electronic Arts UK on Battlefield2 and Harry Potter. Currently I am Lead Environment Artist at Lionhead Studios where we made Milo & Kate, Fable ‘The Journey’ and most recently, Fable ‘Legends’.

Outside of work my hobbies and interests include games, playing the drums, travelling weekend adventures in the UK and I’m a big film fan, particular heroes being Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles, David Lynch, Woody Allen, Walt Disney & Alfred Hitchcock. I have disowned Ridley Scott since Prometheus.

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