Microsoft – Lionhead Studios

Lead Environment Artist
April 2007 – Present

Led environment art teams on three major projects : Fable ‘Legends’, Fable ‘The Journey’ and the unreleased prototype, Milo & Kate.

My teams consisted of up to 15 artists with responsibilities including : Building the environment art team, managing day to day work, art directing assets ..Read more

Electronic Arts UK

Lead Vehicle Artist
March 2005 – April 2007

Lead vehicle artist on Battlefield 2 for the Xbox360, establishing benchmark vehicle assets and managing outsource production and integration on all vehicles used in the game. After this I worked briefly creating character models for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and ..Read more

Criterion Studios

Lead Vehicle Artist and Lead Artist.
1996 – March 2005

 Created and led the vehicle art team on the hit Burnout series of racing games.

My responsibilities included managing the in-house team of artists to design and build the cars and traffic for four of the Burnout series :

Burnout (2001)
Burnout 2:Point of Impact (2002)
Burnout ..Read more

Criterion Software

Lead Artist
Oct 1994 – 1996

Criterion’s first artist, creating art for demos and games to showcase the RenderWare 3d engine. I constructed models, textures, animation and lighting to show RenderWare off to its very best. I later hired in an art team to produce Criterion’s first ever game, Scorched Planet (1996). ..Read more

B&D Electrical Contractors

1990 – 1993

I worked as a lighting electrical contractor on Television and Film productions for the BBC, ITV and film companies. Notable productions: Red Dwarf III, Eastenders, Blankety Blank, Wogan, Miss World, Beadle’s About, Hale & Pace, Rumpole of the Bailey, Birds of a Feather

Marks & Spencer